drug defense attorney, Camden SC

Recreational Drugs Aren't All Fun and Games

They could leave you needing a drug charge defense attorney in Camden or Hartsville, SC

Using and selling drugs is a dangerous game. Law enforcement in South Carolina takes drug-related crimes seriously, which means they carry severe consequences. You could end up paying major fines, serving jail time or struggling to find a future job because of a conviction. Luckily, a drug charge defense attorney from Savage, Royall & Sheheen, L.L.P. can represent you in Camden or Hartsville, SC.

Our legal team can take on any drug-related felony or misdemeanor. That includes everything from paraphernalia possession to meth trafficking. Either way, we'll use all of our resources to your benefit.

Discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney now.

How can our firm help you?

We want to assist you through every step of this process. Your drug charge defense attorney will:

  • Ask you about the details of your arrest
  • Identify possible witnesses and expert witnesses
  • Use all information to try to lessen your sentence

You'll get the personal commitment you expect from a small law firm with the resources of a large one. Meet with a criminal defense attorney in Camden, SC today.