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You did what your employer asked, and it's cost you the ability to do your job. Savage, Royall & Sheheen, L.L.P. is a workers' compensation law firm in Camden, SC. We help victims of workplace accidents get the help they need and deserve.

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Workers' compensation can keep you from having to pay for your employer's mistakes. In addition to compensating you for your initial medical care, your workers' compensation attorney can advocate for other benefits, such as...

  • Wage reimbursement: If your accident caused you to miss work and lose income, you could be entitled to reimbursement for those lost wages.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: When a severe injury impairs your ability to work, you can take part in rehab services to help you re-enter the workforce.
  • Temporary disability: These benefits provide financial support while you recover from a temporary period of disability.
  • Permanent partial disability: When a permanent disability affects your work capabilities, you could receive supplemental support for life.
  • Permanent total disability: If your injury has left you completely and permanently disabled, you could be entitled to lifelong disability benefits.
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