Edward M. Royall

Edward M. Royall

Edward M. Royall



Edward M. Royall, a senior member of the law firm, graduated with an LLB from S. C. Law School in 1953. He specializes in estate planning, estate administration and elder law, and he has handled over 500 probate estates. Ed served as the first Chairman of Kershaw County Council from 1969-1975 and is a former President of Camden Rotary Club. He is a former board member of the Chamber of Commerce, United Way, USC Alumni Association, South Carolina Historical Society, and York Place Children’s Home. Ed is a former board member of the Carolina Cup Racing Association and is the former chairman. He is also a former member and Vice-Chairman of Camden Archives and Museum.

Ed is a former Senior Warden and Vestryman of Grace Episcopal Church. He and his wife Helen have 4 grown daughters and 12 grandchildren.

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