Our Case Results

Below is what we have successfully recovered on behalf of our past clients. Results are specific to facts and legal circumstances of each case. Past client results are not indicative of future client results.
Multimillion Class Action

We participated in a multimillion-dollar class action settlements against South Carolina and Ohio nuclear power companies.

Truck Accident

Collected an excess of $5M for our client who sustained injuries.

Personal Injury

Secured an excess of $3M for our client.

Motorcycle Accident

Settled a case where our client was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle.

Slip & Fall

Settled a case in a contested trip and fall in a hospital setting.

Workers Compensation

Settled a workplace accident with a third party after obtaining funds from the workers compensation.

Truck Accident

Settled a case where our client was run off the road by a tractor trailer.

Workers Compensation

Won a ruling and appeal on a contested heart attack at work.

Truck Accident

We obtained this settlement for an individual who was hit by a tractor-trailer even though the truck involved was not covered by insurance.

Burn Injury

A camper blew up while our client was inside causing severe burns on hands, arms, and scalp. Covenant not to execute was signed as settlement due to lack of further insurance or finances available.

Truck Accident

Settled a trucking case where an injured person blacked out as a result of the wreck and had no memory of the collision.

Workers Compensation

Settled a disputed case involving a police officer’s chronic hip and leg injuries at the workplace.

Workers Compensation

Settled a contested case involving a nurse’s shoulder and neck injuries.

Workers Compensation

Settled a disputed case relating to manufacturing employee’s injuries following a forklift accident at work.

Motorcycle Accident

Obtained the maximum amount of insurance available for a motorcycle rider who was hit by another driver.

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