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When you step onto another person’s property to visit or do business, you shouldn’t need to worry about getting injured. Unfortunately, injuries could occur while you’re a house guest or patronizing a business.

If you’re injured while on someone else’s property, review the circumstances with the skilled premises liability lawyers in Camden, SC, who you’ll find at Savage, Royall & Sheheen, LLP. You could receive financial compensation for the harm you suffered.

What Do Premises Liability Lawyers in Camden, SC, Do?

When an injury occurs on someone’s residential or business property, the individual harmed has a right to file a claim for damages against the property owner. A knowledgeable premises liability lawyer can determine if the circumstances surrounding the injury could result in compensation for the harm caused.

The steps taken to obtain a well-deserved premises liability settlement could include:

  • Investigating the accident, interviewing witnesses and determining the party or parties at fault: This may involve not only the property owner but also other house guests or a business’s employees.
  • Calculating the total amount of damages: In addition to the medical costs of recovery, this may also include lost wages and non-economic losses such as pain and suffering.
  • Bringing in expert witnesses if applicable: An accident reconstruction expert or medical professional could provide compelling testimony when needed.
  • Negotiating with the property owner’s liability insurance carrier or taking the case before a jury: Accidents that result in long-term recoveries or permanent disabilities may progress to a trial to obtain the appropriate amount of compensation.

There’s no need to “go it alone.” The premises liability lawyers in Camden, SC, at Savage, Royall & Sheheen, LLP, have the resources and trial experience to tackle an insurance carrier that attempts to deprive you of the compensation you’re entitled to.

What Should I Know About Premises Liability if I Get Hurt While I’m at Someone’s Home or Business?

Premises liability is a type of personal injury claim related to hazardous or unsafe conditions on someone’s property when the injury occurred. If property owners cannot fix or eliminate a hazardous condition, their duty of care requires them to effectively warn anyone on their property of the danger.

Conditions that cause harm to residential and commercial properties

Some conditions that could cause premises liability injuries include:

  • Floor and sidewalk hazards: A failure to fix conditions that caused someone to slip, trip or fall leads to many of the cases that our premises liability lawyers take on. If it’s not possible to fix hazards such as slippery floors, damaged sidewalks or torn carpets, property owners need to mark the hazard with visible warning signs, yellow tape or orange cones.
  • Falling objects: In addition to accidents that can occur in a private home, retail stores may stack or arrange merchandise and displays in a manner that makes it easy for them to fall over. Shoppers knocked over by a falling display or hit in the head by heavy merchandise could suffer serious injuries.
  • Faulty equipment or electrical systems: Malfunctioning elevators, escalators or sliding doors can cause harm to store customers and children. Faulty electrical systems can bring added risks of electric shock, including in cases involving appliances in a home.
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks: Pet or livestock owners need to take care to ensure that their animals cause no harm to visitors. Even if a dog has no history of biting, certain conditions may provoke an otherwise peaceful canine into attacking. Our Camden injury attorneys could determine if the animal’s owner breached a duty of care.
  • Poor lighting and inadequate security: In addition to contributing to trip and fall injuries, poor lighting can make it easier for bad actors to assault, rob or injure guests and customers. Property owners need to take the necessary steps to help ensure their premises have no security issues.

What Injuries Could a Premises Liability Lawsuit Cover?

Some of the injury types that a premises liability suit could provide compensation for include:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries such as cuts, lacerations, burns and puncture wounds
  • Nerve damage, which could also cause long-term or permanent impairment, especially if the injury affects the spinal cord
  • Traumatic brain injuries, which may result from trip and fall accidents when the head hits the ground
  • Life-altering injuries such as paralysis, disfigurement or amputation

The compensation obtained through a premises liability claim could cover the costs of recovery, including any long-term physical therapy and home-use medical equipment.

In addition to incurring medical expenses, financial hardships could result if your injuries prevented you from working while you recovered. Our premises liability lawyers in Camden, SC, could also obtain compensation for lost income.

The issue of pain and suffering

In addition to the economic issues of medical expenses and lost wages, a premises liability suit could recover for the non-economic issue of pain and suffering. Unlike financial losses, which medical bills can demonstrate, obtaining compensation for the full extent of pain and suffering endured may require a jury presentation.

An injury could also affect you emotionally and mentally and may involve:

  • Psychological distress and anxiety
  • Social withdrawal resulting from disfigurement or a permanent impairment
  • Loss of intimacy with a spouse or loved one
  • Reduced quality and enjoyment of life
  • Chronic post-traumatic stress disorder

Working with an experienced premises liability attorney could help convince a jury to award compensation that addresses the full amount of emotional hardship endured.

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