Impact of Pre-Existing Conditions on Personal Injury Claims in South Carolina

Personal injury claims, even seemingly straightforward ones, can quickly become complex, especially when pre-existing medical conditions are at play. Insurance …

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Navigating Zoning Laws and Property Development in South Carolina

In South Carolina, zoning laws dictate how land can be used and developed within municipalities. These regulations not only shape …

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What Does Litigation Mean in a Personal Injury Case?

First, we can clear up a misconception and let you know that personal injury trials are the exception rather than …

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What to Do After Hit-and-Run Accidents

When the other driver fails to stop at the scene of the accident, it upends the usual legal process in …

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The Types Of Easements in Real Estate

When you own, or are considering owning land, you may not have the full and exclusive right to it. Real …

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Concussion After a Car Accident: Symptoms and Treatments

A concussion is one of the more common car accident injuries. When you have hit your head, or you have …

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Can You Lose Your Job While on Workers’ Comp?

You may be shocked to learn that you lost your job after receiving workers’ compensation benefits. You may have been …

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Is the Insurance Company Lowballing You With Its Settlement Offer?

Insurance companies often offer you pennies on the dollar in exchange for your legal right to compensation after an accident. …

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Finding Common Problems with New-Build Houses

Our construction litigation attorneys understand that just because a home is newly built does not mean that it is conclusively …

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How to Sue an Insurance Company for Bad Faith in South Carolina

Many people talk about horror stories that they had in dealing with insurance companies. While insurance companies act as if …

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