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Attorneys for Insurance Bad Faith

When you purchase insurance, you put your trust in the insurance company. Then, you have a claim. You expect the insurance company to pay. You expect them to be prompt and honest with you. What can you do when the insurance company doesn’t do the right thing?

Our lawyers can help. The insurance company failing to properly pay a claim isn’t just frustrating, aggravating, and worrying – it’s illegal. When the insurance company doesn’t do the right thing, it’s called bad faith – and you can take action.

You may receive the value of the policy, additional damages that result, and other compensation available under the law. Our lawyers can represent you. We’re taking new cases in Camden, SC and throughout South Carolina. Contact us today to learn more and begin.

Bad faith defined

Insurance bad faith occurs when the insurance company doesn’t fairly pay a claim, without a good reason.

When you have an insurance claim, the insurance company must process it in good faith. Acting in good faith means making a payment when appropriate and processing the claim promptly and honestly.

Are You the Victim of Insurance Bad Faith?

Here are some things that may be bad faith practices by the insurance company:

  • Misrepresenting facts or policy provisions
  • Deceptive or misleading information about coverage
  • Failing to respond to or acknowledge communications
  • Not having standards and procedures to promptly settle claims
  • Denying fair and equitable settlement when liability is clear
  • Forcing claimants to bring lawsuits to get fair payment
  • Offering too little to settle based on policy coverage
  • Threatening to rescind the policy to discourage or reduce a claim
  • Other practices to delay or fail to pay a claim

S.C. Code § 38-59-20.

Insurance bad faith can happen in many ways. What these behaviors have in common is that the insurance company knows the claimant has made a good claim. Then, they refuse to pay it, or they do things to minimize the settlement.

To see if your situation may qualify as insurance bad faith, contact us for a personalized case review.

Proving Insurance Bad Faith

A claim for insurance bad faith requires proving the following:

  1. An existing, mutually binding contract of insurance.
  2. Refusal by the insurer to pay benefits.
  3. The lack of payment results from bad faith or unreasonable breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.
  4. Damages to the insured party.

A claim for insurance bad faith scrutinizes the actions of the insurance company. We’ll carefully document how they responded to the claim and how their behavior is legally actionable as bad faith.

Experienced Lawyers, Advocates You Can Trust

The law firm of Savage, Royall & Sheheen, LLP, was founded in 1926. We have served our community for generations. We have the expertise to handle complex claims including bad faith matters. Work with experienced, established attorneys who will advocate for your rights.

As your lawyers, we provide the personalized service that you expect from a small-town firm. We have the resources of a long-standing firm, capably handling claims in Camden and throughout South Carolina.

Bad Faith Insurance Claim FAQs

Is every denial of an insurance claim bad faith?

It’s not bad faith if the insurance company has reasonable grounds to deny a claim. Insurance companies are allowed to litigate novel issues if there are objectively reasonable grounds for their decision.

How long do you have to claim for insurance bad faith in South Carolina?

South Carolina Code § 15-3-530 gives you three years to claim for insurance bad faith in South Carolina.

Is it hard to win a bad faith claim?

To win a bad faith claim, you must show that the insurance company acted unreasonably in the handling of a valid claim. To receive punitive damages, you must meet the difficult standard of showing that the insurance company acted willfully or recklessly.

What compensation can you get for insurance bad faith?

Compensation that may be payable for insurance bad faith includes:

  • The amount that should have been paid under the policy
  • Consequential damages
  • Emotional anguish
  • Attorney fees, up to one-third of the judgment amount
  • Punitive damages, where the insurance company acts especially egregiously

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