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Accused of Driving Under the Influence?

You Need a DUI Defense Attorney in Camden or Hartsville, SC

No one plans to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Whether you thought you were okay to drive or feel you’ve been falsely accused, you need sound representation. Savage, Royall & Sheheen, LLP, is a criminal law firm based in Camden, SC, serving Hartsville, SC. We’ve been helping clients in the area defend themselves against DUI charges for almost 100 years.

When you work with a DUI defense attorney from our firm, you’ll get aggressive representation. Our goal is to have your charges dropped or lessened so you can hold onto your freedom. We’ll gather as much information on your case as possible to defend you.

Make an appointment with our criminal law firm in Camden, SC today.

Building Your Individual Case is Crucial

Every case is different. That’s why getting personalized attention from your DUI defense attorney is so important. Our legal team will take into consideration:

  • Whether or not this is your first offense
  • The situation surrounding your charges
  • Your age and previous criminal record

We’ll use this information to build your defense. Contact our law firm now.

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