Finding Common Problems with New-Build Houses

April 8, 2024
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Our construction litigation attorneys understand that just because a home is newly built does not mean that it is conclusively free of defects.

A home builder may have cut corners to maximize their profits, and they do it at somebody else’s expense. You may realize that there are problems with your new-build home after you have closed on the deal and moved in. You may have legal recourse against the homebuilder, even after closing.

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Below are some common issues that can threaten the integrity of your home and potentially your safety.

Common New Home Construction Defects

Improper grading and drainage problems

Some defects could cause major problems in the future. One of the biggest defects that can threaten the integrity of your home is improper grading and drainage.

Your home must be able to properly drain water so it does not seep around the foundations. The grading must also properly settle, so the surfaces are even and water drains.

Cracks in the concrete

Depending on how the concrete was mixed, and how much water was used, it may begin to develop cracks over time. Any cracks in the cement can allow water to enter.

In cold weather, the water in the cement may freeze, expanding the size of the cracks. The concrete may then sag and heave. If there are too many cracks, or they have grown to become too large, it could threaten the structural integrity of the home.

Water in the basement

Most homes may experience water issues at some point. However, you do not want to have flooding problems shortly after you buy the home.

How the home is built and designed may mean that water is not directed away from the foundation and can seep into it. The gutters and downspouts may not have been properly installed, keeping them from draining water away from the home.

Poorly installed plumbing

Water may also be a problem inside the home. The builder must use quality appliances and install them properly.

Poor utility hookups or improperly connected appliances could lead to flooding inside the home. The home builder may not have lived up to the appliances that they promised you in the sales contract. Not only are you not getting what you paid for, but cheap appliances could also put your home at risk.

Inadequate or Improper Wiring

The home’s wiring is crucial for the safety of you and your family. If the home builder has cut corners in both the quality of the wiring and the amount of time that they devote to the job, you may be at risk. In addition, some builders may use minimal wiring in the home, so they spend less money. It may be difficult for you to realize that they have used insufficient or improper wiring, and you may not learn until something has gone wrong.

Can You Sue a Home Builder for Poor-Quality New Home Construction?

Defects in a new home are both a contractual and a safety issue. You and your family could be in danger, and the home that you thought would last you for a lifetime could become a money pit very quickly.

When you are purchasing a new home from a builder, you are placing your trust in them. Not only do they have an obligation to deliver what they have promised in specifications and the sales contracts, but they also owe you a duty of care when designing and building the home.

The home builder can be sued under numerous legal theories, even when there has not been an accident. However, you may not be able to sue a home builder for a patent defect in the home. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to inspect your own home after you purchase it.

You have to take the time to find problems before they grow worse. You should perform a home inspection on a new home just the same as you would on an existing home that you purchase from a seller.

If a defect was glaringly obvious, and you did not see it, you may not be able to recover financial compensation. Homebuilders will try to use any tactic possible to escape legal responsibility for not doing their job properly. Thus, you need an experienced attorney to help you take legal action against the home builder to recover the financial compensation that you deserve.

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If you believe that the home builder has not given you what you have paid for, you can take legal action against them. The experienced litigators at Savage, Royall & Sheheen, LLP, help South Carolinians who have suffered damages from careless or unscrupulous builders.

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